June 15th


20130615 @ 1849
April 24th

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful…..

20130424 @ 2232
March 7th

Saw these boys this week. Awesome, absolutely awesome. The VIP access passes were merely a bonus. See ‘em if you can. 

20130307 @ 2137
December 9th

Absolutely my new favourite Christmas tune this week!

20121209 @ 1636
December 8th

Giggidy Giggidy…..

Mumford and Sons and Ben Folds Five in the same week….. musical gold! 

20121208 @ 1647
December 2nd
20121202 @ 2059
October 18th


Now has tickets for Ben Folds Five, Admiral Fallow, Kate Rusby (a Christmas Carol Concert… NICE!) and Sigur Ros. It’s gonna be a musical season! 

20121018 @ 2151
June 7th

This is awesome. But now I want a ukelele damn it! 

20120607 @ 2252
April 28th

I’m wasted and I can’t find my way home…..

20120428 @ 2115
February 21st


So I’m in California for a week with work and it would appear that TV has been lying to me all these years…….

20120221 @ 0415